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CBRN Decision Support System

A comprehensive and integrated software solution with automated administrative, tactical and technical parameters of fighting under CBRN environment.

The Aim

Accurate and timely Hazard Prediction supported by efficient administrative handling and careful tactical employment of troops in contaminated battlefield can save many precious lives. CBRN Decision Support System has been custom made to achieve the stated aim through time saving and cost-effective integration of administrative, tactical and technical parameters while fighting in CBRN Environment.

Tactical Aspects

In order to gainfully employ the forces in CBRN environment it is essential to understand and then apply principles of ‘Operational Exposure Guidance’. All these aspects have been automated to enable a field commander to take informed and judicious decisions based on importance of a mission and the acceptable risk levels. The system updates the individual ‘Radiation Exposure Status’ levels automatically post a mission and enables calculations of interactive dosages and dose rates.

Technical Aspects

CBRN Decision Support System is capable of addressing all the possible technical parameters leading to a quick and accurate hazard prediction in case of a nuclear or a chemical strike. The initiation of the process is based on the digital reports (1N/1C) received from the CBRN Observers who are posted and placed by the units in the combat zone. Having computed the cloud parameters based on 1N/1C reports, the software automatically fetches the prevailing atmospheric data for generation and plotting of the wind vector. This leads to prediction of the hazard zone and its plotting on digital maps and satellite imagery. The hazard prediction is instantly followed by preparation of 3N/3C Report which is thereafter flashed to flanking, neighbouring and forward units/headquarters. Preparation of all subsequent CBRN Reports is automated. The software enables the user to calculate the times of arrival and completion of the fallout. The system is effectively integrated to help the commanders in taking precise and judicious tactical decisions post a strike considering the ‘Operational Exposure Guidance’ and ‘Radiation Exposure Status’ of the troops.

Administrative Aspects

The ‘Administrative Aspects’ have been integrated and well meshed with the CBRN Decision Support System enabling creation of database of the CBRN Task Force. Primarily the database comprises of personal details of every soldier including his physical parameters, RES and availability in the unit. Whereas, the database pertaining to their physical parameters will facilitate equipping every individual with system computed appropriate size of the IPE, his regularly updated RES will govern his employability during operations in CBRN environment. A dynamic parade state of the unit will enable the commanding officer to automatically generate and send recall telegrams or SMS to individuals, who are away from the unit, in case of an unsuspected mobilisation. In addition the system also enables the user units to manage the ‘Automated CBRN Equipment Inventory’ based on authorised CBRN Bricks.


‘CBRN Decision Support System’, has been evolved over a period of five years of dedicated research and field trials. The system in its present state stands approved by Faculty of CBRN Protection, Pune, a premier CBRN institute of India for validation by Indian Army. ‘CBRN Decision Support System’ is a comprehensive software solution and has successfully integrated the all-important administrative, tactical and technical parameters of fighting under CBRN environment.

Additional offers

In addition to the customised and comprehensive CBRN Decision Support System, we also offer wholesome advice and consulting on the following through our CBRN Security and Incident Management specialists:-

1. CBRN Security Projects to include:-
      (a) Threat analysis and vulnerability assessment.
      (b) Developing a CBRN Security concept and plan.
      (c) Report on requirements of equipment & manpower for CBRN Security.
      (d) Plan essentials for implementation of project.
      (e) Mitigation techniques.
      (f) Training philosophy and curriculum for responders.

2. CBRN Security Audits for important Government Infrastructure, Public buildings, Large event venues, Logistic terminals and warehouses and airports.

3. Advice on CBRN equipment matching, areas of applicability, employment parameters, modifications or improvements to suit user requirements and product development.

4. Awareness generation through lectures, presentations and seminars.

5. Advice on setting up CBRN Centers of Excellence and Responder Training schools.

6. Advice on CBRN incident response and mitigation techniques.

About TEVT

The Military Planners of today are likely to be called upon to carry out a multiplicity of tasks in the course of their duty. These may range from conduct of their primary duty .i.e. defending the borders of the nation from external aggression, counter insurgency operations in various parts of country and humanitarian tasks. The start point of all these activities is detailed visualization and analysis of terrain. The availability of modern automated tools and equipment has made it possible for today’s planners to achieve very detailed and in-depth analysis of the terrain. If used optimally these tools can prove to be force-multipliers in the hands of time-starved military planners. However, some of the tools available are so complicated and unrealistic that the available working hands at junior officers, JCOs and NCOs level of the Indian Army shy away and are therefore not able to use such tools optimally.

An innovative step towards this has been undertaken by “JSV Automation Solutions Private Limited” through development of an extremely user friendly and cost-effective software application called Terrain Evaluation and Visualisation Tool. The application has an inbuilt War gaming module which consists ‘Matching of Plans’, ‘CBRN Decision Support System’ and ‘Counter Terrorism Decision Support System’ as its sub-modules.

TEVT is available in three different versions depending on the level of usage. TEVT Basic is available for unit and sub-unit level usage. TEVT Pro and TEVT Master versions are available for formations. To know the comparative capabilities of each version, please click on ‘TEVT Variants’ on this page on the right.

For cost and other queries, please contact us through mail or telephone.



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