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Potential Pilot Aptitude Test

Today, the Indian Air Force is a formidable force in Asia. Every young and energetic Indian dreams of being a member of this elite organisation and fly the world’s most advanced fighter jets. However, becoming a fighter pilot requires more than just an adventurous spirit and a willingness to take risks. Towards the path to fly fighter jets for the Indian Air Force a person must possess psychomotor skills, speed and accuracy processing skills, be capable of coordinating the movement of all the limbs, visualisation as well as time sharing skills.

Do you have it in you?
To answer that query you need to evaluate your psychomotor skills along with cognitive information skills by way of taking a series of Desktop based challenges created by “JSV Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd”. These challenges have been developed and designed based on the tests which an Air Force candidate has to take at various Services Selection Boards.



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