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Training Effectiveness Evaluation Module

A comprehensive windows and web-based software solution which monitors, evaluates and validates the effectiveness of training being conducted by a training institute, formation or unit.

About TEEM

Designed and developed by JSV Automation Solutions, it is a contemporary, customized and comprehensive software solution for the Indian Armed Forces, appropriately named as ‘PARAKH’, for evaluating and validating the effectiveness of training being conducted by a training institute.

The Concept

The overall strength of any training institute is contingent upon four fundamental factors viz. the trainer, the trainee (students), training methodology being adopted and the available infrastructure. Weakness in any of these factors will have a negative impact on the effectiveness of training which an institute is required to impart. There is, therefore, an inescapable requirement for the head of the institute to constantly monitor the health of these essential pillars of the institute in order to identify and determine where the problem lies and consequently take corrective measures to overcome the identified inadequacies.

Measuring the effectiveness of training manually consumes valuable time and resources. As we know all too well, these things are in short supply in any organization today. Furthermore, manual evaluations are also prone to subjectivity which may not reflect the true picture of the effectiveness of training. ‘PARAKH’ addresses the above issues in a wholesome manner through a user friendly windows and web based application software solution customised as per the need of a training institute. The software enables the head of the institute to assign quantified goal to each of the four major factors i.e. trainee, trainer, training methodology and infrastructure at the commencement of a course of instruction and, thereafter, compares the set goals with actual achievements obtained at the end of the course of instruction, thus, indicating the overall health of the institute.

How it works . . .

The essence of this software system encompasses the quantified ‘Internal’ and ‘External’ audit/validation of the training imparted to a trainee and is calculated through a complex statistical formula based on Merwin’s Model. The inputs used to arrive at the result, called ‘Index of Learning’ using the aforesaid formula, are the assessed performances of the students during the course of instruction and the expected enhancement in his performance after completion of his training, which is obtained through a quantified external feedback system from his IO.

The performance of the instructional staff is calculated through a system of weekly quantified feedback from the trainees and the environment which can be obtained online, through SMS, Email, and OMR Sheets or in writing. ‘PARAKH’, thereafter, does a detailed customised analysis of the feedback and gives out the quality of training imparted during the week. A similar technique is adopted for evaluating the effectiveness of the ‘Training Methodology’ being adopted and ‘Infrastructure’ being provided by the institute.

Thus an intelligent and effective utilization of PARAKH software will prove to be a valuable tool available to the head of a training institute empowering him to gauge the weaknesses and the strengths of the institution and resultantly allow him to shift focus and efforts where they are needed the most. It will also enable the users to compare their auto generated internal validation with the external validation which is based on suggested quantified formats generated through this software and obtained from the environment.

A positive corroboration of the Internal Audit and External Audit will further strengthen the resolve and determination of the entire faculty which in turn will raise the overall standard of the institute.



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